Friday, March 28, 2003

"Internet diary growth mind blogging" says this newspaper

Yesterday, I read some back numbers of the Kitimat (B.C.) Northern Sentinel. In the March 19 issue, Sentinel columnist Allan Hewitson discovers weblogging, and has some comments on some blogs he has seen. Since the column is not online, which means that fellow bloggers might miss it, I'll quote some of it.

"As with anything that is extremely popular, there are ways of making money off blogging. Andrew Sullivan, who was writing for National Review, solicited funds to keep his blog alive. In came $78,000--in one week--so we can look for more blogging for profit," Mr. Hewitson writes. "If you see someone raving wildly about a new movie or recording, a show or a new wine, It'll be hard to decide whether it's genuine affection or paid for."

Well, if you discount the great weblog payola scandals of the late 1950s, I'm sorry to disappoint Mr. Hewitson by noting that this is not a problem. Most of us webloggers do it for free, just for fun. I would want to know what my friend Jeremy Lott has to say on this though, as he often tries to turn his weblogging into something that On Dead Tree publishers can use. I'm not daring him to do so, however, as that might understandably be a very private thing that he doesn't want to discuss.

Anyways, I wouldn't try to weblog my kids through college, if I had any.

Here's Mr. Hewitson's in-print blogroll. He didn't quote web addresses, but I've put in hyperlinks for you because I am such a nice guy:

I followed a few links and here's what I found. Colby Cosh, a prolific Alberta blogger, is also a scribe for The Report [sic]. Colby often posts at peculiar times throughout the days, like 3:59 a.m., when most people are asleep, even in Edmonton.
He is equally at home giving the gears to federal cabinet ministers, Kevin Lowe on Oilers trades or skewering the David Suzuki Foundation for leaked e-mails like the one from aquaculture specialist Lynn Hunter, who noted (in print) "...tormenting fish farms is fun, it really is..."

Damian J. Penny is a Corner Brook, Nfld. blogger with extensive links. In his blog recently is the fascinating information that Bill Clennett, the "victim" of a highly public choking by Prime Minister Jean Chretien a few years ago, "is something of a professional protester, who was caught pelting the PM's office with paint filled balloons in 1991."

Cubicle Dweller is a Steveston
[a neighbourhood in Richmond B.C.--RH] book editor who who writes a running blog in which he recently waxed creative about some name changes he suggests for Canada, after reading that french fries had been
renamed freedom fries in Washington.
He thinks California rolls should become Canuck rolls, Texas toast should be maple leaf toast and any beer should be renamed liquid Canada.
What would that be on the French side of the label?

Hmmm, I thought, based on a recent post that Cubicle Dweller also freelanced as a penguin flenser. Guess he was kidding :)