Thursday, March 06, 2003

The worst Eurovision Song Contest song

Readers of Colby's recent post may not have realized that he is making a reference to the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, in which singers from across the continent annually compete to perform the best "new song" in all of Europe.

Of course my fave Eurovision song moment is about "Mile After Mile", the 1978 Norwegian entry which set a standard for lack of excellence as the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 site notes:

That year’s worst achievement was made by the Norwegian contributors, who defied the laws of mathematics and ended up at the bottom of the scoring board with a total of 0 points. Supposedly, this should be virtually impossible according to the new point system, but, nevertheless, it happened to Jahn Teigen and his song "Mil etter mil". The jury wasn’t impressed by his appearance as a combination between a punk rocker and a circus clown.