Saturday, March 22, 2003

Did Bush watch as the Peas Palace was bombed?

Enter Stage Right reports that at yesterday's press conference, reporters at the White House were obsessed with finding out whether the President had seen the bombing of Baghdad live on TV. Here's the transcript. All I can say is I am glad that I am not doing Ari Fleischer's job. I'd start to get annoyed.

Did you catch Judy Woodruff's small blooper on CNN yesterday? The first time that the network showed the Iraqi footage of the bombed palace, she, distracted by the producer talking in her earpiece, called it the "Peas Palace". She corrected it later, noting it was really the Peace Palace.

I can't talk, as all reporters can make mistakes, but the idea of a Peas Palace seems kind of goofy. Shouldn't she have tried to catch it? (Iraqi TV commentator: "Criminal Junior Bush's bombers levelled the building, but the princess and her mattresses escaped unharmed.")