Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Cue the screaming teenage girls

Folks are linking to Kevin Steel's song Rafters and Beams, which you may hear online. I'm sure it is good, but as my computer is stuck in the Real Player days (No MP3s), I can't hear it yet.

I'll wait for Rate-A-Record. "I like Rafters and Beams because it has a good beat and it's easy to dance to. I'll give it a 92." (Translation for those who watched Thank Your Lucky Stars instead of American Bandstand: "I'll give it five!".)

(P.S. Janice Nicholls, the "Oi'll give it foive." girl, was possibly the first person in England to have a hit song from a TV catchphrase. Check out Discography on her website to hear part of it. It sounds like she had fun in her "15 minutes" of fame.)