Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Psalm 23 for the politically correct

Here's a piece of netlore that I thought you might enjoy. Two internet search engine searches didn't find me an author for this piece, which I saw here. It may, however, be based on a similar version, which was written by Robert Irvin and David Grasby.

Anyways, enjoy!

"The Lord and I are in a shepherd-sheep relationship,
and I am in a position of negative need.

He prostrates me in a green-belt grazing area, and
conducts me into lateral proximity with a
non-torrential aqueous accumulation.

He restores to original satisfaction levels my
psychological makeup.
Notwithstanding the fact that I make ambulatory
progress through the non-illuminated geological
interstice of mortality, terror sensations shall not
be manifest within me due to the proximity of

Your pastoral walking aid and quadruped-restraint
module induce in me a pleasurific mood state.

You design and produce a nutrient-bearing support
structure in the context of non-cooperative elements.

You enact a head-related folk ritual utilizing
vegetable extracts, and my beverage container
exhibits inadequate volumetric parameters.

Surely it must be an intrinsic non-deductible factor
that your inter-relational, emphatic, and non-vengeful
attributes will pursue me as their target focus for
the duration of the current non-death period.

And I will possess tenant rights in the residential
facility of the Lord on a permanently open-ended time