Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Benny Hinn: I Plan to remarry. Please send money

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On June 12, 2012] There’s an update from Benny Hinn this morning about his reconciliation with his ex-wife Suzanne.

As Bene D explained in his recent post, we’ve been hearing only from Benny so far about all this. That seems to be continuing in the new release.

Benny confesses, in one paragraph, about letting his ministry work dominate to the point where he neglected his marriage. Three paragraphs are devoted to Suzanne’s addiction to prescription medications and how it led to the divorce.

He had better be confident of her forgiveness if he dwells so much on her part in all this.

And, in something that will not surprise, he adds this:

But we must have your help. The ministry has suffered financially greatly because of the struggles in our marriage. We are beginning to see an upsurge now, but we truly need a miracle to be able to do what God has called us to do

. I can say now that the ministry was on the way to total collapse, but now we are seeing a beautiful turnaround—in fact, members of my team have rejoined the ministry, including my beloved friend Jim Cernero, who is back with me leading the praise and worship in my meetings. I want you to be part of the breakthrough we are experiencing together, and that’s why Suzanne and I need you, now more than ever, to stand with us prayerfully and financially.

I wonder if Benny and Suzanne had to come to some kind of arrangement. Where years of controversy couldn’t take out Hinn, his divorce was threatening to.

Update: (BD here) The Hinns announce they will remarry on October 26th in Florida.

Update: (BD here) The wedding is off.