Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mr. Bentley strikes Norse letter writer as not unlike last month's lutefisk

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Oct 27, 2012]

I found something of interest in a Norwegian paper, thanks to the Google Translate verion of a letter in a newspaper there.

Letter writer Martin Hjellvik of Bergen wrote in the oped section of what I am guessing is a local paper, on Sept. 28, that he went to one of Todd Bentley's meetings in that city and found lots of reasons to find him controversial in his Sept. 28 letter to the paper.

He writes, as translated by Google:

...So I went with a reasoned skepticism Bentley meetings in Bergen. There were a lot of small Bible and Bentley. He even said we had exalted preaching and teaching too much in church. He himself would obviously overcome it by letting the Bible be virtually unused. And when he had opened the book, it was in the name of miracles.

He also spoke of the dead saints and relics may contain anointing. So he would really like to take on Peters dead legs, if he got the chance, to see if there was anything anointing to get there. Moreover he talked about spiritual portals that goes into the sky from the places where before there has been a revival. These portals could get anointing. With this teaching, it is understandable that he would not use the Bible as much. Instead of preaching the Word, we hear a lot about Bentleys experiences. Among the many bizarre claims, he said that 33 people had been resurrected from the dead. Salen devoured everything indiscriminately and rejoiced over what they believed was God's wonders. But where are the 33 who have been dead? Common to all of them that Bentley claims have risen from the dead is that they are nameless, their testimonies we hear, and news reports, we do not.

If Mr. Hjellvik is accurate in his reporting, it would seem that Mr. Bentley is carrying on several of the bad habits of the Lakeland revival to this day.

Original page is here, if your Norwegian is up to snuff. :)