Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Toronto Star starts a "Stockwell Day comeback!" meme

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on Sept 6, 2012]

I haven't heard the rumour that Stockwell Day will be drafted to lead the B.C. Conservative Party after John Cummins is made to walk the plank, but reporters are writing about it.

You'll remember that about a week ago, news came out that some B.C, Tories were unhappy with the leadership of Mr. Cummins. Due to what I saw as his poor way of talking about it, I briefly blogged about it.

Well, The Toronto Star's western Canadian stringer wrote a story on the woes of B.C. Premier Christy Clark earlier this week. In the second half of the story, the reporter mentions rumours that Stockwell Day had been approached to become leader of the B.C. Conservatives. Dismayed voters, who are already giving the Cummins party about 20 per cent in the polls, would unite the right in the next BC election--which must be held in May--and deny the NDP power.

The TorStar quotes former federal BC MP John Reynolds, who says that Day might be a good choice, but doubts that he wants a comeback and that such a comeback would work out as Day might hope.

The Georgia Straight, Vancouver's alternative newspaper, picks up the ball and runs with it in its paper released today. Their story at least tried to quote Day, and makes note of his social conservatism.

Former BC Liberal leader Gordon Wilson argues that there is a perceived need for a "great right hope" and adds that while Day is not the only possibility, he does have qualities that make him seem attractive.

It has happened twice in B.C. that certain people were groomed to be the great leader of the "free enterprise" forces. [Wilson knows this well, as he was the victim of this when Gordon Campbell took over the leadership of the BC Liberals.]

That I find a possibility. But not a Day comeback. If he were drafted, I doubt that the BC Tories would benefit.

But I do want to note that people are talking about it. This is B.C. we're talking about after all...