Sunday, April 28, 2013

Todd Bentley--MP died because he worked to have me banned from Britain

Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Dec 13, 2012

Don't mess with Todd Bentley. He'll have you "whacked" by the Lord.

One of the local papers in Croydon, England--where Todd Bentley was to evanglize earlier this year before he was banned from entering by immigration authorities--is rightly appalled by Bentley's latest action.

Local MP Malcolm Wicks, who had lobbied to have Bentley restricted passed away of cancer on September 29. The Croydon Guardian, noting that Bentley has recently released a video touching on this, is aghast after what Bentley says on the subject:

Footage has now emerged of Mr Bentley telling followers that 65-year-old Mr Wicks's death on September 29, after a battle with the disease, was "the Lord's justice" for his opposition.

In the video, Mr Bentley says God had told him in a dream after the ban that "something very significant" would happen on September 29.

He says: "One thing that is significant about the whole thing is the Lord's justice.

"On September 29 I was preaching in Ohio when I got a report that the man who lead the campaign against us in England had died suddenly of cancer.

"This was a clear release of God's presence and power. The fear of the Lord is going to come."

The leader of Croydon's munincipal Labour politicians sees this as "sick and abhorrent."

[UPDATE Big huge elephant-sized thanks to Bene D for transcribing the relevant quotes here in the comments. I'm sure he has it bang on. The Croydon Guardian pulled them from the video which is on the front page of Bentley's website as I update this here until Bentley thinks to pull or edit it.

Thanks, thanks thanks. My six day 50 hours a week job does interfere with my blogging. ;) Thanks to Bene D for stepping in, and back to what I had previously observed.]

I heartily agree, but I'd like to add a few things.

How does Bentley expect to ever be let into Britain again if immigration authorities realize that he's basically said. "The Lord killed the man who had me banned. Good." How stupid is he?

Why didn't the Lord kill me after my Report newsmagazine stories on Bentley, which Bentley saw as so damaging that he has to slam them in his autobiography?

It's ironic that only recently Bentley was talking about the Lord restoring and being merciful. But only for him, I guess. God has no mercy for Labour MPs? No restoration for them?

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap,", Mr. Bentley.