Sunday, April 28, 2013

If at first you don' MP division

[posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Sept 29 2012]

A story just posted on the Vancouver Sun website, may make pro-choice supporters think that stopping motions by pro-life MPs in the House of Commons is not unlike getting Rasputin to die.

The Vancouver Sun's news story, in which pro-lifers explain that they feel emboldened after getting over 90 MPs to vote for motion M-312, starts like this:

"A second Conservative MP plans to introduce a motion related to abortion, despite this week’s defeat of an attempt by one of his colleagues to prod Parliament into examining when human life begins.

[B.C.] Conservative MP Mark Warawa’s motion would ask Parliament to condemn the practice of sex-selective abortion.

Anti-abortion MPs immediately claimed the proposal as a sign they are not going away, though Warawa said his motion was in no way related to a vote earlier this week on when life begins, a motion brought by fellow Tory Stephen Woodworth and defeated late Wednesday....."

A wild thought...are pro-life MPs hoping to get other MPs on the record with their votes in case there is someday an explicitly pro-life Reform Party 2.0? Will they cross the floor to run against pro-choice Tory MPs?

One thing I think I can guess... motion M-312 was set up to allow pro-lifers to get a Parliamentary committee to talk about what, if any- abortion laws Canada may need. They sought to argue, in part, "Canada needs to at least have a discussion about the issue."

Now, with the issue of abortions which are [allegedly] designed to ensure that a child of the "wrong" sex is not born, the rhetoric will be kicked up a notch.

We'll hear "How, for goodness sake, can you not condemn these types of abortions?" in the House of Commons.

Or "How, for goodness sake, Mr. Harper, can you not let us go on the record as opposing this?"

Mr. Harper, if he is as tired of abortion as pundits think he is, might have to start kicking pro-life MPs out of his caucus...