Friday, April 26, 2013

Which Canadian PM would win a pro wrestling "battle royale"

{Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Sept. 3, 2012¸

There's a bit of a meme on Facebook these days, a post that's getting around and shared.

It asks which US President would be the one left standing in a fight-to-the-death knife fight. Various people chime in with the personal histories of the participants and try to figure out who would win.

That's too unseemly for me, but then I thought about pro wrestling, where the aim is to "win" without really hurting the other participants.

And then I thought of the "battle royale" where 30 or so wrestlers go into the ring, and the last one left standing, unbeaten, inside is the winner.

So, which of the various Canadian Prime Ministers, if they were pro wrestlers, would win a battle royale where they were fighting each other?

As in the knife fight, we would assume that each PM is in the best shape of their respective lives, save for any lifelong thing that would make them unlikely to be successful, which would also apply to them.

The "rules" of pro wrestling, which wink at certain forms of cheating, would also apply.

*Bell rings* This match is scheduled for one fall apiece. In this corner....