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"A revival [will] hit your land [Canada] that will be a hundred times more powerful than all historic revivals put together."

{Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On May 6, 2014]

Since April of 2013. Faytene Grasseschi has felt led to boost the idea of a great Canadian revival. One so great that it will spread worldwide until the "return of Jesus".

It's a bit of a meme among a certain group of charismatics. But although this idea seems to be something that is widely spoken out loud in an auditorium, finding the tracks of the idea, online, seems to be a bit of a task.

But we need to offer thanks in advance for Canadian evangelist/activist Faytene Grasseschi, who has done a nice jobs of reporting for us as part of a Halifax N.S. sermon that she preached back in April 2013 as part of the Miracles in the Maritimes. conference. [Sermons by her which are not behind subscriber walls are increasingly hard to find.]

But as I mentioned, we owe her thanks for passing on what she learned. In the sermon, she explained that her purpose was to encourage he listeners to be hopeful for revival, as she had been feeling led by God to spread the word about upcoming revival, according to several prophecies that she cites.

Not so much by Grasseschi herself. According to a printout I did off the net a few years ago, from 2007 to 2010, Faytene gathered and received prophetic words, grouped by year, that she had shared on the net. Alas, I did some poking around, also using the Internet Web Archive, but they have disappeared into the internet atmosphere.

That said, I was able to find one word from 2007 that was noted by a church in Iqualiut. Faytene's word is very nice, but hard to weigh unless you have been going to that church, or one in the region, and paying close attention for 7 years.

Nevertheless prophesying about large groups of people is not her forte. But, she wanted to encourage her audience and did a good job of reporting while doing so. We owe her thanks for that reason.

So, back to Faytene in April 2013. You may hear it at:

To begin, she cites several examples of what she believes is God speaking about the destiny of the whole nation of Canada that people believe they heard before the 1920s. An old e-mail or blog post does well in covering the same ground that she shares about. You may see it here

Turning to more modern times, Faytene combined two prophecies by Charles Price and Smith Wigglesworth.
Faytene says:
"....this was in the [19]20s [that they prophesied]... [They said].....There will be a revival that hits the nation of Canada in the mid 1900s and it will be so powerful that it will be literally not only impact Canada but it will go around the entire world. But after a few years that revival will be shot down because of mixture and because of strife, that kind of stuff...."

In other parts of her sermon, she cites the Latter Rain revival as significant, so I suspect that she thinks the Latter Rain revival is a fulfillment of this prophecy, especially given her note of the revival dying due to "mixture".,br>
The "Latter Rain", notes Anton Hein in his

entry on the subject, was quite problematic, mixing poor theology with whatever God may have been doing. The lasting effect of the Latter rain could perhaps be a "mixture."

So any repeat of Latter Rain could be a problem.

Faytene then turns to two prophecies, in the '20s. by Charles Price and Smith Wigglesworth. She said:
"[T} was in the 1920s...there will be a revival that hits tha nation of Canada in the mid 1900s and it will be so powerful that it will literally not only impact Canada, but it will go around the entire world. But after a few years that revival will be shut down because of mixture and because of strife, that kind of stuff... ...listen to this 'But after 50 years there will come another revival that will be many times more powerful than that revival... of the 50s....And it will hit the nation of Canada like a tidal wave. It will be much more powerful than the revival that hit in the middle of the century and it will not diminish until the return of Yeshua, until the return of Jesus."
1948 plus 50 is 1998. The revival that will usher in the return of Jesus seems overdue. William Seymour, leader of the Azusa Street revival, has a prophecy too, Faytene added. She said:
" [He said] that there would be a wave of revival that would hit 100 years after Azusa--I think he prophesied it between 1905 and 1910--that there would be a wave of revival that would hit that would be many times more powerful than anything the earth had seen before."

1910 plus 100 equals 2010. Since there's no qualifying "or thereabouts", may be firm then?

And how about predicting things to happen after you are long gone?

After briefly citing a prophecy by David Yonngi Cho, she return to the two prophecies while trying to encourage her audience, specifically their prediction of a revival around the middle of the 1900s:
"....Did that happen? It was called The Latter Rain Revival. Was it shut down after a few years? Absolutely. If God fulfilled the first part of the prophecy, do you think he's going to fulfil the entire thing? If we can find a people that are willing to say God...I am willing to believe that you can d0 it again a hundred times...

That assumes it was fulfilled the first time. What if they got the second part wrong, or that the first part is yet to be fulfilled with a wrong year?

And then on to Christian speaker Alastair Petrie. As noted back in 2006, his idea of a great upcoming revival is explained by him on the DVD From The River to the Ends of the Earth.

Faytene paraphrases him his way:
" [Petrie said] ...God, years ago, said to many saintly people in Canada, that the time would come--come on you guys--God years ago said to many saintly people in Canada. This was speaking of the prophecies that I've [Faytene] already reiterated--that the time would come when a revival would hit your land [Canada] that will be--are you tracking with me--that will be a hundred times more powerful than all historic revivals put together."
She then tries to use that to rally her audience.
"I just want you to dream with me for a second. A hundred times more powerful. Why not just honour God with our faith. I mean, why not? Why not dare to believe? What do we have to lose. Nothing right? Zero."

Then she turns to a prophetic word, by noted American charismatic evangelist Cindy Jacobs from 2004.?

What is interesting about this is that I gave it a try and I have been unable to find it online. Certainly this is the prophetic word that you would want to have in black and white so that people could be encouraged by it.

Or perhaps you might not want to, in case you get it wrong./br>
Faytene on Jacobs:
"Let me give you one more: Cindy Jacobs. I love this lady--she's awesome--she prayed us into The Cry Hollywood. She said God's going to change the economy of Canada. She prophesied this in 2004. I'm going to finish up with this...God is going to change the economy of Canada, says Cindy Jacobs. Now you may look at that and wonder 'How is that going to happen?' But God has a way for that to happen...and then she went on to say this 'one day Canada will be so blessed that she will lend to many nations and not borrow.' We're in that time. "There will be a day that the Canadian dollar will be more than the US dollar." Now that's mind boggling isn't it? No Is It. At the time it was..."

True, last year, the Canadian dollar was around par with the US dollar. But as I write a year later, according to a newspaper I have around my computer, a Canadian dollar is trading at a worth about 91 cents. My guess, although she did not say those exact words that Jacob meant that the Canadian dollar would be above par with the US dollar due to the context of what Faytene quotes her as saying.

Faytene continues:
"...But I'm setting this up for a reason. Revival takes takes lot of money. You're going to send relief all over the world [she paraphrases Jacobs as saying] Canada will be the poor, will be the breadbasket that will send out wheat and all kinds of relief across the nations. Again, it sounds like Paul Yonngi Cho's prophecy, but this is the part that I get most excited about. 'And this revival'--come on--'this revival will go to the ends of the earth. There will be a day, there will be a day where most of the people in Canada will be saved." Will be saved! There will be a day in Canada where most of the people will be saved! I think that God did the dollar thing just to build our faith for the second part of this...Is he going to do the first part of that prophecy and not complete it? Not if he finds a people of faith. God is looking for a landing pad..."

Thanks to Faytene for being a reporter for us. You'll note that none of these prophetic words are hers.

Like you, I would eagerly welcome a true, orthodox, revival in Canada.

But I have two concerns.

Are these words being weighed and tested, in our eagerness for revival?

Why do we have to trust the kindness of Faytene Grasseschi? Surely if these things are valid, they should be shouted from the housetops?

It should be easy to find these things in black and white, or online.

Unless there is a reason to keep these matters under wraps until people can try to bend them somehow into being fulfilled.