Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fred Phelps dies

{Posted at Bene Dictio Blogs On March 20, 2014]

Fred_Phelps_10-29-2002 WikipediaFred Phelps, the former pastor (as he had recently been excommunicated by his extremist Westboro Baptist Church), died today.

The National Post,/br>

reports that he passed away in the wee hours of March 19-20. He was in a hospice and had been suffering from serious health problems recently.

No doubt you are well aware of the infamies of his ministry, but if not, Wikipedia has a useful introduction.
Phelps had been banned, along with other members of Westboro Baptist

from entering Canada in 2008 after announcing his plans to stage an anti-Canada protest at the funeral of a Winnipeg man.

Also, it was rediscovered last fall that

Fred Phelps graduated from Prairie Bible Institute.