Monday, July 28, 2014

People who live in glass houses shouldn't star in documentaries

(Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On July 3, 2014)

Big thanks to blogger Peter T. Chattaway at Patheos, who brings us

the latest news about Hillsong United

Next Easter, Warner Brothers will release Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, a documentary concentrating on the worship band part of this church movement. Chattaway tells us all about it.

Bene D has written quite extensively about Hillsong. Such as their controversial ties to an Australian treatment center"> center"

resulting fallout from that. How back in 2006. various bloggers in Australia

perceived that not all was quite right with the church

How Australians feared that

the church may have tried vote-stacking on the Australian Idol TV show.
Br>I remember first reading about
Tanta Levin at BDBO < at BDBO. In 2007, she wrote the book People Who Live in Glass Houses, published in Australia, giving her "with the bark off" perspective on feeling the need to leave Hillsong due to the problems she saw with the movement. I had to buy my copy of the book from a bookstore in Australia as it got relatively little attention in North America. People, like Bene D, who were following Hillsong, knew of the book, but the general public didn't seem to pick up on it. There was a small flurry of press attention in Australia when Levin's book came out including this interview on an Australian TV program. I'm reminded of the quote in several slightly different versions, attributed to several different people. I heard it as "A lie can get halfway around the world while truth is putting on its boots. People will see the happy-clappy documentary next year concentrating on the famed Hillsong music, and not look at the possible other side of the story, which you have to dig a bit to find.