Monday, July 28, 2014

Todd Bentley's first try to get a reality show, and the angel that missed the plane

(Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on June 25 2014)

{The first part of what will probably be a lengthy post on Todd Bentley's appearance on History TV Canada July 1, 2, and 4)

Did you know that the "Reno Outpouring featured on the recent episode of Miracles Decoded with Todd Bentley could have had its own TV reality show featuring Todd Bentley...back in 2010.

Would History TV Canada have smelled a rat had they known this when Bentley was filing with them? Pastor Eric Moen of the "Reno Outpouring calls himself a "friend" of evangelist Todd Bentley and that helped him get some time on the episode of Miracles Decoded devoted to Bentley this month.

But had they did a little more research, I wonder if History TV Canada would have let Moen on the show.

Back in 2010, when Todd Bentley was trying to bring his ministry back from the dead, he and Moen developed a working relationship.

I first noticed Bentley's work there when he tried to start a revival out of a local casino's facilities.

Moen's church, River Rock Christian Fellowship--at least at that time--had access to another facility, but chose to take space for Todd's revival at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.

I found this

ruefully amusing.

but something interesting developed there, although it wasn't the full blown revival that Bentley was hoping for.

On October 6, 2010, he sent out this tweet on his personal Twitter feed.
Br/>It read
posting a picture of himself being filmed by "Discovery Studios", which we posted in this post. It was captioned ""Discovery Studios trailer shoot for potential upcoming reality series."

(Shortly afterwards, Bentley spent time pressing the flesh with pastors in the Reno area. Evidently, he was

preparing the ground if the revival took off. Dousing potential fires and such. However, back in 2009, Bentley had said that it was precisely this networking that helped to kill the Lakeland Revival.

So we have Moen. Someone who, and whose church, swung behind Bentley to build up a revival in 2010 to hopefully get Bentley a TV show.

Forward to today. Did History TV Canada know of this previous try for a TV show in this very church in Reno Nevada? Were they told?  Did they do work that would lead them to find this out?

I can see a producer thinking "Heyyy...they are using this episode of Miracles Decoded to make an audition tape for the future..."

Can't blame History TV Canada for not finding this failed prophecy by Eric Moen though.
Back in July 2013, Moen was speaking at his church on "Awakening". (It was posted on YouTube July 7 2013 and it looks to have been put up promptly based on the context.)

It's on YouTube

In his introductory remarks, Moen recalls his trip to South Africa in May 2013.  Four minutes in, he says:
Ìn the first week of May, the Lord told me to go to South Africa to be with my friend Todd Bentley....While I was there Todd and I got to renew our friendship...'

At 4:38, he adds this:
"As I was getting ready to leave he [Todd] had a prophetic word for me, several prophetic words, but one of the key ones was he said 'The Lord is assigning an awakening angel to you to bring back to the United Sates when you go.' Now bear in mind when I was down there I was the only pastor that I know of from the US.... [Bentley said] 'I'm going to send an awakening angel home with you.'"

Moen, noting that some things had been predicted at the Bentley events in South Africa and appeared to come to pass 90 days later implied that Bentley's prediction about the awakening angel would come to pass in "the middle of August [2013]"

If you need another citation, at 8:17, Moen quotes Bentley as saying,"You're going home with the awakening angel from Zechariah 4:1."

I haven't heard of a revival centered on Moen's church in Reno. Had one happened, we would have likely heard of it.

The angel missed the plane?