Thursday, January 02, 2003

Blogging by typewriter

It looks like Kevin Steel has found a way to blog and hyperlink using a typewriter! Read all about his New Year's Eve party and the two mysteriously left over gingerbreadpersons cookies.

When it comes to old typewriters, I'd like to have an old Underwood someday. (I really like that old typewriter typeface and would like to use it on my computer. If someone has an idea what that old typeface is, I'd sure like to know.)

New Year's Day is bowl day in my house. I've made nachos and watched the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl with a roommate who really enjoys US college football.

I am a glutton for punishment. I sometimes cheer for the Washington State University football team, because that's where a cousin of mine went to school. Unfortunately, the Cougars are the Vancouver Canucks of college football, and have played in only five Rose Bowls. To sum it up, ABC played footage of the Cougars' only Rose Bowl 1916!

Oklahoma now has their first Rose Bowl trophy thanks to the Cougars, who lost. Well, I take heart in that I am not a Columbia fan. If memory serves, they once lost more than 40 games in a row....