Monday, January 06, 2003

I'd want ice cream mixed into my protein shake

One of the possible perils of working for a newspaper is being assigned by your editors to improve yourself and then write about it. For example, the Vancouver Sun has an annual run, the 10 km Sun Run. I've often seen articles from unathletic Sun reporters who have been "volunteered" to start training and then participate in the run.

I can only hope that this idea was sparked by reporter Leanne Ritchie of the Vernon Morning Star. She's in a shape-up contest from last October to next March, sponsored by a local gym, with a week's vacation in Mexico as the top prize. Alas, it never made the paper's website but recently Ms. Ritchie reported that she had lost 10 pounds in four weeks due to her new diet and exercise regimen.

She writes:

So, I began going to the gym six days a week, just like reporting for boot camp.

The first week, I felt like a dead spider after every workout. I'd literally have to creep down the stairs at the gym. I couldn't uncurl any of my limbs. It took me less than two days to realize the real reason people continually fail at getting in shape is because it's not easy.

It hurts. You sweat. And for the first couple of weeks you constantly have to use the bathroom because you're drinking all this water.

Good luck, Ms. Ritchie...