Sunday, January 12, 2003

Uh oh, Jared only weighs 47 pounds now!

Colby Cosh confesses to being a bit creeped out by the latest ad featuring Jared Fogle, the fellow who lost 245 pounds by eating only Subway sandwiches.

If you read that, and then this blog, this is the official Subway page explaining what all the fuss is about and this is a interview, of sorts, with Jared conducted in a US student newspaper. Just in case you want further information.

I liked Jared Fogle's tale of weight loss and I suspect that he's a nice guy, but I dislike the subliminal implication in the latest ads that he has a pretty wife and a brand new house because he eats at Subway.

Oh well, I enjoy Subway subs....despite those silly ads about Clay Henry, which were played far too often on TV.