Friday, January 24, 2003

This just in: Man landed on the moon

The moon landings were faked! Well, that's what some people believe.

NASA seems to be have been briefly spooked by the put-on-your-tinfoil-hat-it's-time-return-to the-mothership crowd. Following the rebroadcast of a Fox TV program asking if NASA faked the moon landings, it commissioned and then quickly cancelled a contract to hire noted space historian James Oberg to write a book debunking the conspiracists' theories. The link, by the way, includes some of Mr. Oberg's objections to the debunker's theories.

"The issue of trying to do a targeted response to this is just lending credibility to something that is, on it's face, asinine," NASA chief Sean O'Keefe is quoted as saying in an AP story from late last month.

The latest, Mr. Oberg writes at his website, is that he wants to continue writing the book for a commercial publisher. If you can't wait for the book, check out the Moon Hoax Index