Friday, January 24, 2003

It's The World's Worst Record Show!

In Wednesday's mail, I received an eagerly awaited used record from England: The World's Worst Record Show .TWWRS is a 1978 release from the English K-Tel company (on their Yuk Records subsidiary label).

It was a project of English comedian and radio dee-jay Kenny Everett who asked his radio listeners in several contests to pick what they thought were the worst records of all time. If you are brave, there is a online seven-minute medley of the songs on this record at, an interesting tribute site to Mr. Everett. (Once you get past the flash intros, scroll down about a third of the page until you get to the audio samples section. Please click "play" underneath the album cover with the "superhero" on it, which is the second item from the left.)

Another cool-looking tribute site to the late Mr. Everett is Everettweb.

I hope you find the medley funny. When I ran the LP title though Google, I learned that a "Lemmy of Motorhead" likes this record too (Mind the profanity!).