Friday, January 24, 2003

Married by Santa

I'm surprised that this doesn't regularly happen in Japan.

The Kelowna Daily Courier recently reported on an unusual wedding in Kelowna's Aberdeen Mall on December 22 (sorry no link). The mall's Santa, who is unnamed in the story, is a licensed marriage commissioner in B.C.. So, he recently took a quick break from his child greeting duties and, in costume, officiated at the marriage of Debbie Smith and Brian Clapperton:

I have other powers," Santa Claus announced to about 75 people at Aberdeen Mall before the wedding ceremony at 7 p.m.....

The bride descended the maill escalator, accompanied by her son Bryan and daughter Christa. Bryan then escorted the bride to Santa's toyland in the centre of the lower mall. On red carpet and amid giant rotating reindeer, Santa led them through a 15-minute ceremony....

Santa's photographer even took the wedding shots. And Mrs. Claus was a great organizer.

The new Mrs. Clapperton added that the decision to hold the wedding in Santa's toyland was a suggestion from her nephew.