Thursday, May 15, 2003

Anti-Idiotarians of the world, unite!

I'm happy to note Tim Blair's mention of my blog, amongst several others:

SEVERAL BLOGS worthy of note that I have not thus far noted ... La Petite Claudine, of which I understand not a word, although the pictures rock; Rick's Miscellany, which features quality miscellany from, er, Rick; Electric Venom, which especially rewards the link-hitting, background-digging reader; and Bill Cimino's Bloviating Inanities, which shortly will be prosecuted for insufficient inanities under the trade protection act.
posted by Tim Blair at 4:38 AM

Thanks, Mr. Blair!

By the way, while I am out and about, there are often lots of thoughtful things to read on Mr. Blairs' blog. (Psst...his blog is always good. That's why I have him in my links at left.)