Friday, May 16, 2003

A rowdy college frat house could sack Canada

For some reason the online version of the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper, which featured a pair of ladies who had sectioned off part of a local beach to allow a seal to shed its skin, didn't see fit to post this interview with a Canadian Armed Forces officer who is about to step down:

You have to pick your battles when you can seat your entire army in a hockey
arena and still have seats to spare, says one of Canada's top soldiers.

The Corel Centre -- where the Ottawa Senators play -- accommodates 18,500
people, Maj.-Gen. Cameron Ross said Thursday.

"That is the size of the Canadian army. You can put the Canadian army in the
Corel Centre," Ross told the Times Colonist editorial board.

"Its field force is about 12,000. (The field force is the trigger pullers,
the men and women with the bayonets.) So there's only so much we can do
around the world to resolve peace with a hockey rink full of soldiers."....

This is scary news, but not surprising given how federal politicians have trimmed the forces over the years. You can't defend a country as large as Canada with only 12,000's just nuts.

Good thing we live next to the United States. Oh sorry, I forgot that we are supposed to dislike them. Never mind.