Monday, May 19, 2003

Why Revelstoke doesn't have Sunshine Girls

David Black's company has bought the Revelstoke Times Review. What's intriguing about this, as reported in a Times Review story and column on the purchase, is that it offers the paper an opportunity to complain about the Sun tabloid chain, their previous owners.

In case the link dies, here's what editor David Rooney wrote about the Sun tabloid chain's ideas:

....For starters, I can tell you that while you may not notice any immediate changes the newspaper's appearance will soon be altered as we revert to the larger format that characterized us prior to last January.

That's when executives working for our former owner convinced their superiors that compressing newspapers into a much smaller format was a good thing.

That's not something I liked or agreed with, but what can you do when the bosses get goofy ideas and tell you to get with the program?

He continues:

There are two other major points in favour of this shift in ownership.

The first is the fact that Black Press Ltd. is a British Columbia-based company — not a mega-corporation based in far-off Quebec whose editors working with the lurid Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto Sun tabloids were beginning to send us increasing amounts of editorial suggestions and lists of Sun stories we could use — if we wanted them....