Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Sunshine Breakfast is torpedoed

Deadlines urgently call, but I can quickly report the end of the infamous BC Ferries Sunshine Breakfast.

The breakfast--sort of a scrambled eggs benedict with scrambled eggs and ham, covered in a yellow sauce--has sold briskly for 20 years, but the new semi-privatized B.C. Ferries has decided to dump the breakfast. British Columbians always joke about the alleged lack of quality of the breakfast when they talk about how bad the ferry system's food is. To cite one example, please look at the Adrian Raeside cartoon at the link, which shows pigeons refusing to eat the breakfast. A B.C. Ferries memo, which notes that the company was tired of all the jokes, is also quoted there.

I very rarely ride the ferry, and I don't remember eating that breakfast. (Perhaps my brain is blocking out the pain.) That said, it's yet another of the many small changes that point out that BC is slowly and permanently changing. For example, Rosemary Brown, who was a key player in provincial politics, died over the weekend, and I will bet that there are many new British Columbians who have no idea who she was. It's sort of bittersweet to see things change so surely.

By the way, the late CH TV news in Victoria did a story on the death of the breakfast. Their interviews of ferry passengers kept on finding people who loved the breakfast. They sold almost 180,000 of the meals per year, so someone was eating them.