Saturday, May 31, 2003

When imperialism is swell

CaNN prints objections to the new Anglican "so marriage-like that it might as well be a marriage" gay relationship blessing in British Columbia's New Westminster diocese, pushed forward by the diocese's bishop, Michael Ingham.

The concerns are raised by the Anglican primate of Nigeria, Peter Akinola. The link goes to the full letter, but here's one section of his letter that I thought was well put:

But there is also a further context of which I must speak, painful though it is. May of us from the two-thirds world feel that the global north still seeks to retain its disproportionate power and influence in our Church just as in the world. It is significant that those dioceses most tempted to indulge themselves with unilateral actions, taken without consulting the wider Communion, seem so often to be among those materially most advantaged and to be in the global north.

Should this not occasion reflection? Do we not see here, in the ready assertion of superior wisdom, a new imperialism?

....our Communion has been jettisoned. Furthermore, failure to ensure strict compliance with resolutions duly passed at our meetings clearly shows that Bishop Ingham and his diocese see no value in being accountable to anybody.

The Primate may be thinking that Imperialism is seen as quite all right when liberals, their churches, and the other world organizations bodies that they control, use it on those who do not share their views. Empowering the Third World, in the minds of some, should only go so far.