Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Grocery store preserved for 50 years

The Times has an intriguing story about a small corner grocery in the small which closed in the early 1950s. All the perishables were tossed but everything else was locked up tight and never saw the light of day for 50 years. Now, the people who inherited the former store--which was sort of a general store and had everything--recently sold all the as-new 50 year old stuff to collectors to raise money for charity. The very interesting story notes that there is all sorts of cool things in there, such as a never used record player and some rare product posters:

They range from the mundane — bars of soap and packs of cigarettes — to an American Flyer miniature train set with a wind-up locomotive, a souvenir scorecard from the 1929 World Series and an antique Coca-Cola display still in its wrapper.

I love flea markets and thrift stores, so I would have enjoyed looking in the store and picking up a few things. At 1950s prices, of course.

I could use a new Victrola.