Saturday, May 03, 2003

DOA and Thor collaborate on hockey songs?!?

I'm listening to Dan Russell's Sports Talk show on CKNW radio and he's just had Joey Keithley of punk band DOA and heavy metal singer Thor as guests on the program. The two musicians have just collaborated on a CD of songs suitable for hockey games or other sports. One of their punky metal songs, "Overtime", which they played on air, includes a snippet of the Hockey Night in Canada theme!

The musicians added that some of theiur songs have been played at Canucks games this year. One of the songs, they added, was played over the PA system before each game of their 10 game regular season win streak this year.

I believe they are telling the truth. Messrs. Keithley and Thor promise that there is information on the CD on their websites:

...but I didn't see anything there just now. But, you can e-mail them and see if they have any infomation for you.

The pair is also doing something neat for Vancouver hockey fans. They want to make replica items for the Vancouver Millionaires, the team that won the 1915 Stanley Cup--I think they were talking about T-shirts and jerseys. There is also an item on this in their new CD, they said.