Thursday, June 19, 2003

Bill O'Reilly, a prophet

Bill O'Reilly, in an online column, says that news anchors should feel free to editorialize:

"....the good old days when the Brinkleys, the Cronkites and even Tom, Dan and Peter could simply introduce stories in measured tones are coming to an end....

Can you imagine Peter Jennings pointing his finger demanding that President Bush come clean about weapons of mass destruction?

Can you picture Tom Brokaw pounding his desk and chiding Hillary for writing a book full of propaganda?

It is hard to imagine but wouldn't you like to see it?"

In a word, no. The news media, by and large, tends to be quite liberal. It seems to me that without standards of "professionalism", such as trying to be respectful when you speak to people, liberal bias would go nuts.

Mr. O'Reilly has to know what would happen. Liberals would tee off on conservatives, and conservatives teeing off on the "wrong" person or cause would rarely make it to air.

No reporter is unbiased, but they can make efforts to be fair in what they do. Their deportment is part of this.

If you also have concerns about this idea, it will dishearten you to know that Walter Cronkite has announced plans to start a syndicated column.