Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Hide your gerbils and hamsters!

CNN reports that NBC is making another V miniseries about those sneaky lizard aliens. Those of you who came of age in the early to mid-1980s will remember the two previous miniseries that aired back then.

I recall that everyone at my school was talking about the first V miniseries the next day, particularly the scene when one of the female lizard characters ate a gerbil or hamster like it was a Twinkie, in one bite.

I bought my copy of the second V miniseries a few years ago at a thrift store that had a few boxes of videos that someone had taped off the air. It's particularly fun to watch because the mystery taper left in all the commercials, so you have commercials for 1983-84 cars and Bill Bixby selling the Commodore 64 computer. They left the tape running for the CTV National News for a few minutes, so there are stories about what "Prime Minister Trudeau" had done that day, etc. Fascinating stuff.