Monday, June 02, 2003

Jim Bakker: "I Was Wrong" leave television

Jim Bakker, reports Charisma News Service, is back on TV.

I hope that he has taken to heart a lot of the lessons that he has written that he learned about his sinful mistakes. His book is self-serving in several places, but it seems that God has taught him some good lessons. That said, I can imagine that some people are going to look askance at this paragraph from the above story:

But there are still financial struggles. "I had hoped I could do this without raising money on the air, but airtime is so expensive," Bakker said. "Many stations gave us a few months for free or at a reduced rate to get us started, but now we have to generate the money needed to keep us on the air."

I'm taking bets on how long this takes to get into a late night monologue. Well, at least Mr. Bakker is being honest.... *sigh*