Friday, June 27, 2003

Link Byfield: The Report can be replaced.
Interim editor: By us. Thanks!

Two interesting nuggets in LifeSite's story on the death of The Report.

Canadian social conservatives don't need a print periodical as badly as they used to, argues Link Byfield:

Link Byfield, who took over the magazine from his father, told LifeSite today that "especially for pro-life people it is a blow, I think we had a very useful function. So that's a shame." "But," he said, "they have an awful lot of new media they didn't have like LifeSite News, it's not as thought they lost access to information."

Oh yes they do need something in print, says the editor of The Interim, who knows a market--thousands of paying subscribers who used to get The Report--when he sees it:

Interim editor Paul Tuns told LifeSite "The Left is doing cart-wheels, giddy that the proudly redneck publication has been silenced."....

....Adding that, "People hungry for moral and social conservative news and commentary in dead tree form (on paper), subscribe to The Interim, Canada's life and family newspaper, edited by none other than yours truly. We cover abortion, euthanasia, the gay-rights agenda, feminism, educational choice, judicial activism and religious freedom, among other issues."