Monday, June 30, 2003

Cue shower scene music from Psycho

The online Guardian asks Would you survive a teen slasher movie?:

...Certain characters are for the chop. A lucky few will stay the course. But which category do you fall into, and which character do you play? Answer the following questions and see if you would survive Guardian Unlimited Film Bloodbath...

My results:

You scored 3
Sole survivor. We've followed your adventures from start to finish, from the opening murder (you watched it from the window) through to the massacre at the prom through to your climactic showdown with the killer (your mad high-school principal) atop the old bell tower. Congratulations - you've made it. Your reward is top-billing in Film Unlimited Bloodbath II, plus a lifetime in therapy.

I knew all those psycho killer movies I saw in my teens would come in useful someday! Thanks, Mom! :)