Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Footy in Canada

Is there Australian rules football in Canada? Yes. Some expat Aussies and brave Canadians have taken up the sport and The Province reports that the latest B.C. Footy Cup tournament was recently played this past weekend. As the lengthy story explains, footy requires lots of fitness and skill.

I've always had an interest in Australian Rules Football since I was in Grade 9. That year, my social studies teacher went to Australia on an exchange and we got an Australian teacher--a Mr. Neill, I think his name was--who was a footy fan from one of the suburbs of Melbourne where they have all those teams. He explained all about how the game works and posted some Quantas tourism Grand Final (AFL championship game)posters with some guys "taking a mark", or colliding in midair in some kind of "jump ball" type thing. I remember being amazed that footy scores could get up to 147-124.

Does anyone remember the name of the Aussie rules football player who did the battery commercials a few years ago?