Sunday, June 29, 2003

I Accuse The Byfields....The Report movie

Kevin Michael Grace is making fun tongue-in-cheek casting suggestions for the movie version of The Report that you may see here. He thinks that Jared Harris should play me, which is a good choice. Mr. Harris does have some facial resemblance to me.

I think, however, that we should count our blessings. Given all the media and weblog reminiscing about The Report's alleged wackiness, it's a good thing that this didn't happen 60 years ago during the last days of the exploitation films. These were cheap quickie films catering to the lowest impulses of film viewers. For a quick mental image, the infamous Reefer Madness is an exploitation film.

With all the media and weblog tales of pot merchants, "insane" editors and brain-surgery-dogs that are swirling around, perhaps a quickie exploitation movie would be the best way to handle the story. Either that or something that would be shown on Showcase as Canadian content. Or an ABC After School Special.

The end of our magazine is being made to sound like something that would have been dubbed, oh, I Accuse The Byfields, a tawdry tale of journalists gone wrong, back in the day.

(Exploitation film makers reused everything (Stock footage? Try "stock mileage"), so the filmmakers may have used a variant of the title from I Accuse My Parents, one of my favourite B-movies with exploitation overtones.)

As much as we Report alumni might hope to at least get a Roger Corman to direct such a film, we would probably be stuck with an Edward D. Wood Jr.. I'm suddenly glad that no one wore angora in our office.

It's good to see that Kevin is trying to have some fun after all that has happened to us. Good for him.