Friday, July 02, 2010

The evangelist's new clothes

[Originally posted at Bene Diction Blogs On, Feb. 13, 2010]

If what blogger Kathi Sharpe tweeted last night is accurate, evangelist Todd Bentley was a bit surreal last night.
"The emperor's new clothes" sort of surreal...

She wrote on Twitter:

kathisharpe: @iamtoddbentley preaching great message on how the enemy attacks in places you are strong. Wow good stuff.

As the Internet is slowly starting to realize, on February 5, a group of Operation Save America organizers entered Todd Bentley's meeting and gave him a public rebuke. Bentley's security--and reportedly police--flushed the protestors out of the meeting.

I was at home sleeping as he preached last night. If Sharpe is correct, I wonder if Bentley is setting up another excuse if there is another confrontation. Something like "Satan is attacking me because I am righteous, orthodox and repentant. It's only his minions that want you to doubt it...".

It's possible that Bentley could have had a valid point in his remarks, but it seems contrary to logic and how life usually works. I am consistently tempted and travailed in my areas of weakness, not strength, by the devil. I am certain it is the same for you too. And it should be the same for Bentley as well, you would think.