Friday, July 02, 2010

Faytene's Hitler Youth analogy dismays National Post columnist

[Originally posted at Bene Diction Blogs On, May 12, 2010]

Two mentions of Marci McDonald's book on the National Post's blog section of their website. The conservative national newspaper might have run these "Full Comment" items in the actual newspaper as well.

Charles Lewis listened to The Current interview of McDonald yesterday, and thought that it was a case of two people with the same world view talking to each other.

Although I was a few days before National Post columnist Don Martin noticing that infamous Faytene Kryskow quote that compared the good that she hopes to do to the, erm, Hitler Youth, that is probably only due to my getting the book earlier.

It's only a matter of time before others in the media look at the various things that Faytene says and does and go "Whaaa". She's losing the opportunity to change her ways, and thinking, before reporters take her behind the woodshed.

Don Martin does a fairly even-handed column about the book, but he leads off with this:
There’s a particularly bizarre analogy in a just-released book on Canada's religious right, in which a youth evangelist with strong connections to the federal Conservatives compares her Christian followers to the Hitler Youth.

"If they could mobilize their cause to become that mighty with the power of evil backing them," militant evangelical Faytene Kryskow says, "how much more could we accomplish with the power of God backing us up?"

Yikes. Here’s some free and friendly advice, Faytene. If you aim to lead your Christian soldiers onward into political war, drop all Nazi references. Please.

I wonder if Faytene Kryskow will issue an apology. Or a libel writ.