Friday, July 02, 2010

When Facebook pages go missing

[Originally posted at Bene Diction Blogs On, Apr 16, 2010]

I see that Rod Bruinooge, Tory MP from Manitoba, has brought forth a private members bill on abortion, Bill C-510.

I'm not commenting on the bill itself...but I heard about a Facebook page supporting it and went looking for it, after logging on to Facebook, a few minutes ago. Tried various searches, even looked to see if Bruinooge had a link to it on his Facebook page. No links mentioned.

Hopefully, it is just a glitch and the Facebook page will return soon. But you can see the Facebook page as it once was at this Google cache search result. I Googled "Roxanne's law" and Facebook. At the first result, hit "Cached" at the bottom right of the item.

Hmm...I see that towards the bottom left of the page it reads:

Faytene (creator)


Hopefully whichever Faytene set up the page on Facebook brings the page back soon. If not, please notice that Faytene the volunteer for the site set up a Facebook page for a Tory MP, with his name as the contact and a 204 phone number for Bruinooge's constituency office as the phone number for more information.

Hmm, according to the Facebook search that I just did, evangelist Faytene Kryskow is the only "Faytene" on Facebook these days that the general public can find. And you have to be signed up to Facebook to be an "administrator" of a page on Facebook.

I wonder if is her who is the "Faytene" of the Roxanne's Law Facebook page?