Friday, July 02, 2010

"Lakeland was just a foretaste" (cue ominious music0

[Originaly posted at Bene Diction Blogs On, Nov. 16, 2009]

A quick report on the details of Todd Bentley's return to ministry, as formally announced in a video by Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley on their websites this morning.

Evangelist Todd Bentley, he said in a video released today, plans to immediately start teaching, periodically, at Rick Joyner's own Morningstar churches near the latter's ministry headquarters.

Bentley's biggest plan so far, is to host and teach at a Morningstar "Healing School" in February. Participants will learn, over the course of a four day conference, how to minister as Bentley does. They are expecting a strong response, as they have already opened up hotel rooms at Joyner's complex (formerly owned by Jim Bakker) and are already advertising an "early bird rate" on Bentley's website. Fans and non-fans will be able to see Bentley in action at "open healing meetings" conducted as part of the school.

Joyner added that Bentley may soon ease into preaching at churches run by "close friends". Bentley defined the step as "working with local churches where we have relationship."

Morningstar plans to keep a tight rein on Bentley, as Joyner added that everything would be done under the authority of his ministry for the time being. "It's me. I'm taking full responsibility myself," Joyner said.

Joyner argued that Bentley's alleged gifts as a healing evangelist continue to be badly needed.

"The ultimate phase [of restoration] is that Todd is called as a revivalist, and I believe that he has [not] even begun to enter into his ultimate purpose. Lakeland was just a foretaste. And there are many others, I tell you, there are a lot, so many, just had their level of anointing their level of ministry racheted up dranmatically at Lakeland. I mean the blessings of what happened their are still reverbrating around the world," Joyner said. "We need that again desperately in these times."

Those who figure that Bentley's theology was and is really bad may shudder now.

It's been documented quite extensively in the media that there apparently weren't medically confirmed healings at Lakeland. So, "even better than Lakeland" is not promising.

Where are these other teachers who caught "Lakelanditis" in a good way? Do you have some names?

And how is that book by the "investigative journalist" coming along, Mr. Joyner?