Friday, July 02, 2010

Police called to arrest Todd Bentley critics?!? (Part 2)

[Originally posted at Bene Diction Blogs on, Feb. 6, 2010]

As I mentioned this morning, last night evangelist Todd Bentley had a surprise in his service. Several men, after (or as)the offering was taken, got up to publicly, and loudly, confront Bentley. Not only did Bentley's security ask them to leave, according to this blog entry, by a witness who is a Bentley admirer the local police were called as well to quell any possible disturbance.

Thanks to a friend who tips me off about this Twitter "tweet" by "writer and director" Roy Petersen today.

some protestors infiltrated the todd bentley meeting last night. just so happens i knew a few of them so got some interesting interviews.
about 5 hours ago from web

So, according to this tweet, it seems to be apparently a genuine effort by some to publicly disagree with Todd Bentley and call him to account. Hopefully Mr. Petersen will share at least some of what he has before Bentley's minions control the spin on this. Thus far, it is Bentley's friends and the evangelist himself (adopting his best martyr face) who are talking and it would be interesting to know why the men in the service felt the need to do as they did and hear their account of what actually happened.

I myself would think it a bit much to call the police to get the protestors to leave when Bentley already has a security team. One sad result of this is that it may probably be harder for those who want to keep a peaceful, and jaundiced, eye on the evangelist, as Bentley will probably insist on keeping a tighter screen on his audience. Extra security might be in full force.