Friday, July 02, 2010

Is Todd Bentley's new wife pregnant? And how can he afford a "dream house"?

{Originally posted at Bene Diction Blogs On, Mar. 25, 2010]

I think that Todd Bentley wants to make a happy announcement, judging by the evangelist's Twitter feed.

Is Jessa Bentley, his new "trophy wife", with child?

Earlier today a series of tweets on his feed reads, from newest to oldest:

proctorjb: @IAmToddBentley Human Growth Hormone. Also detected in women to confirm pregnancies!! I think congrats might b next!!! about 5 hours ago

from txt HCG_Cookbook: RT @IamToddBentley What do u know about HCG??? Don't ask what is is it. I'm askng u??lol. Yes I know too. Do u?
\about 5 hours ago

from API wimvisscher: @IamToddBentley what do you mean todd
about 6 hours ago from Twitterrific

IamToddBentley: What do u know about HCG??? Don't ask what is is it. I'm askng u??lol. Yes I know too. Do u?
about 7 hours ago from Twitterrific

Our Todd is laughing out loud as he explains that he knows what HCG, a material that is released during a woman's pregnancy is. Now why would that be? And which woman would release to Todd Bentley such intimate results of a medical test?

If, and I emphasize if, Jessa is pregnant, it would only remind those who are opposed to his remarrying that he has, poking them with a sharp object. And If we recall Todd Bentley's regrets that his ministry "was his mistress", and that he already has three children by his first wife that he may not have spent much time with, it may not be a good omen for any "littlest Bentley."

Todd might be trying to deflect people from noticing something else on his Twitter feed, which reveals that Bentley, who a year or so ago was "down to his last $20" can now afford a "dream house". Interested? Please read more...

Yesterday, Bentley wrote on Twitter:

IamToddBentley: building our new dream home. It's moving along nice. Dinner break Korean BBQ
1 day ago from Twitterrific

Things are looking up financially for Bentley in other ways too, as he has a "new DS game" and has been taking his first batch of kids on vacation-type activities and such.

I recall that last year or in 2008 Bene D was mentioning that Fresh Fire had bought a fancy house in Lakeland for Todd and his starter family during the Lakeland Revival. [Sorry, but I am unable to find the posts.] I presume that this sale was reversed. But it does seem clear that Todd had always planned that he would have a expensive home at his home base and then travel the world as the "mighty man of [insert place name of famous revival here]".

Now, with his "dream home", he can do just that.

But what I find interesting is that just after the end of Lakeland, Bentley says that he was down to his "last $20". Where is all the money coming from. Even if we guess that Bentley got a year's pay as de facto severance pay from his old ministry, that would only be about $100,000 Canadian. That's not enough to build a "dream house" in many places.

This leads me to wonder if Bentley has sources of income--or a secret deposit box or two--that we may not know about.

At any rate, Bentley can't plead poverty any more. Although I made a guess above, that he is not hurting for money, for some reason, is apparently a fact.