Saturday, April 09, 2011

Also known as "Faytene Kryskow"

[Cross posted ath Bene Diction Blogs On, August 27, 2010]

As Bene D has pointed out in the past, Faytene Kryskow seems to like to have multiple identities for the work that she does.

I think I have seen one more, tipped off by Faytene herself.

At the recent Canada Awake conference in Toronto, according to this video of the first speaker, you can hear Faytene's pastor Bill Prankard prepare to take an offering. Who should cheques be made out to, he asks at 33.51.

Faytene then says:

"This conference is being administered by CMI, which is the revival arm, the Holy Ghost revival arm, of everything we're going to be doing in Canada. Got a few different arms..."

A quick Google search reveals that, according to WhoIs, someone named Faytene Kryskow owns the site and the domain name for a Campus Ministries International. (Which abbreviates to CMI)

If you look at campusministriesinternational. com, under the Who we are page, it currently reads, as I write, like this:

"For almost 3 decades CMI has been mentoring emerging leaders in the reality of a living and loving God. On campuses, in churches and through seminars, missions trips and conferences all across Canada ambassators of the reality of Jesus Christ have been in action through CMI's workers. In past years CMI has established centres in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia and hosted mission trips in various third world nations. On these trips young leaders have had the joy of seeing the love of God in action in compassionate and tangible ways. He is living, loving and He is alive.

CMI is currently in a transitional stage and looking forward with great anticipation to a new season of effective work in Canada under new leadership. Stay tuned for new developments as they unfold."

The website also, perhaps notes a new motto for "CMI", which may "Mentoring A Generation In The Reality Of A Living and Loving God. ..." which lends itself to an explicitly charsimatic theology, where the old "what we do" note still on the site seems conservative and evangelical.

Needless to say the current pages make no mention of Faytene Kryskow, or her dominionist flourishes to her theology. So an old donor could return after a few years to the site, as it is now, and accidentally give to something that is more theocratic-minded than the old CMI was.

Let's hope the website is updated soon, with Faytene's views front and center.

Leaving the site as it is, if Faytene indeed has staged a coup d'etat and taken over the remnants of the old and different Campus Ministries International, would be naughty. Let's hope she is not tempted.