Saturday, April 09, 2011

From Todd Bentley to Rick Joyner?

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Nov. 30, 2010]

A news story about Rick's Joyner's woes might partly explain why Todd Bentley is on the road right now with his 12 state/city/region revival.

The local TV station has a story about Joyner's ongoing problems with the old PTL Heritage tourism centre, which Morningstar now owns.

The latest story, from local tv station WSOC, notes that there has been a long dragged out dispute between morning star and the local municpal government's developement authority regarding whether Morningstar could, or should, finish the old PTL development.

A local politician says that Morningstar has missed deadlines, including one set in concrete as it were. But while he doubts that Morningstar can make good on its word, Rick Joyner has a sunnier view:
On Thursday, Joyner said the church is now ready to move forward.

"Let's gets the permits and get this thing going. We're ready to move on it," he said.

An older newspaper story from back in March, paraphrased this as being an issue. I'm adding emphasis:
Since 2004, MorningStar has worked to restore the 345 rooms, suites and office spaces of the old [PTL] hotel.

So far, though, the ministry hasn’t been able to get enough people to commit to buying into the retirement facility – which has made it more difficult to get the financing the ministry needs to bring the building up to meet county safety codes.

What has changed? Is the economic sitation so much better thatMorningstar has seen a rise in donations? Or has Todd Bentley hit the road to preach after agreeing to give some of his donations to Morningstar to get things moving again at their renovation project? All Morningstar needs is some earnest money to hire a construction company and put them to work. Satisfied, the local politicians could the nagree to allow Morningstar a few years to finish up.

I wondered out loud, a few months ago, whether Rick Joyner needed Todd Bentley to get out on the road to save Morningstar's project. Unless Joyner is coming across large amounts of money, I might have been correct in my guess. If Todd Bentley is the only Morningstar-connected draw that could earn the necessary money...?