Saturday, April 09, 2011

Vatican spokesman: "We didn't invite Benny Hinn"

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On August 16, 2010]

Another Vatican offical has stepped forward to undercut Benny Hinn's story of being invited to the Vatican.

Vatican spokesman Father Frederico Lomdardi, in this story, which is reprinted from from the Swedish newspaper Dagen. Google's translating function renders it thus:

"Father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican's official spokesman, reported that Hinn never been invited there. Hinn, however, was in the Vatican in 2008.

"Some visitors will sit on the top row at a papal audience. They considered donating money to a major restoration of an organ. If he gave money or not is unknown, "Lombardi said.

The Vatican knows Hinn work. They say it is impossible to work with him.

Hinn has money trouble. In a video on the website asking him about two million dollars in gifts.

"Some of you probably think, cutting down on spending. Believe me, I've cut down on spending. We're just skin and bones right now, " he [Hinn] said.

UPDATE: Got a nice e-mail from the editor, Anders Gustafsson, who originally wrote the piece. My command of Scandinavian languages is well, non-existent, so I am happy to give credit to the right journalist. Thanks to him.