Saturday, April 09, 2011

Faytene Grasseschi?

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Mar. 19, 2011]

There's something new on Faytene Kryskow's primary Facebook page in the past few days.

She's now calling herself, on Facebook, "Faytene Grasseschi-Was Kryskow." Grasseschi, of course, being new husband Robert John's actual last name.

I don't believe that Faytene will choose to be known professionally as Faytene Grasseschi, as there things in her past that people in her audience do admire. Yet, the example of her friend and mentor Patricia King raises an interesting possibility for Faytene.

King is from British Columbia, so I had heard of her when she was using her actual married name Patricia (or Pat) Cocking in ministry.

Then a few years go, she changed her professional name to Co-King for a few months, on the grounds that she was getting obscene contacts of various kinds due to her last name. (Which is a valid reason, perhaps, but one that didn't seem to affect Martin Cocking, a student politician I knew at UBC.)

Shortly after this change, she changed professionally to the name Patricia King.

But something happened as a result of the name change. People on the Internet and elsewhere were finding it hard to link the earliest teachings and activities of Pat Cocking to the Patricia King that she is now.

As I mentioned, I doubt that Faytene would want to reinvent the wheel for her ministry by dropping her maiden name professionally. She might merely add Grasseschi.

But, if, and I am only wondering out loud, she were thinking of dropping "Kryskow" (and thus discourage people from linking a "Faytene 2.0" to all the various teachings and actions that have resulted in both public applause and grief for her over the past few years) in order to re-invent herself to a degree, this would be a convenient way to do it.

I wonder if Patricia Cocking, er, King, is suggesting that she do just that.