Saturday, April 09, 2011

Faytene Kryskow is on a tight fiscal leash, writes board chair

[Posted at bene Diction Blogs On Oct. 19, 2010]

Pastor Ernest Culley, who kindly responded to my questions about Faytene Kryskow’s newfound ability to use the charity Campus Ministries International for her own work, has added a little information about her fiscal relationship with the charity.

Pastor Culley remains the chairman of the governing board of CMI, which recently agreed to let Faytene put her muscle and ideas into a new vision for the charity. (Do remember that Faytene has a charity of her own and a political advocacy group, and that Culley may only be the chair of one of the governing boards she responds to. She has, as Bene D has noted, saved 25 internet domain names for herself, so her agreement with CMI might be the first of many such agreements. Or a flowering of new charities, perhaps.)

Culley writes:

Nothing untoward is happening with the money. She is paid expenses and a small honorarium from the CMI account, and CMI is authorized to issue CRA acknowledged tax receipts for donations to CMI. The finances are well administered by the board, who have oversight of all expenditures. CMI follows all the CRA Charities Division guidelines for proper handling and reporting of donated funds. Funds donated directly to her via CMI go to offset the budgeted expenses set forth in the annual budget reports.”

Thanks to Pastor Culley for the extra details.

The CMI board, then, is certainly on the guard against anything untoward.

But I do wonder about something. Let’s remember that Faytene was at the Canada Awake conference when she said that cheques could be made out to “CMI”. This as far as I am able to tell, was a conference pitched to all ages.

Does “Campus Ministries International's” charitable goals and charter allow for ministry to post-school adults? I’m not an expert on charities, but if that is not the case, I would wonder if Faytene may need to make a similar deal with a charity directed to adults, or start her own.