Saturday, April 09, 2011

I'm waiting for the Faytene Kryskow mousepad

[Posted at bene Diction Blogs On, Oct. 6, 2010]

I would say that this is not Faytene Kryskow's doing. But this oddity is worth a brief mention.

Bored with your old computer desktop? Well now, instead of s screensaver, you can have the Faytene Kryskow desktop on your computer!

It's Faytene giving a short talk on video introducing herself, which according to the video creator--as noted by a Google Alert--you can use as a Faytene Kryskow desktop.

While I find Faytene to be very interesting, I wouldn't want to have her talking on my compter all day. I'm hoping this wasn't her idea.

And as odd as this is, what would be odder still would be if she posed for this, knowing what this video was to be used for. Say it ain't so, Faytene. And that you said "I'd rather that Jesus be on your desktop."