Saturday, April 09, 2011

Todd Bentley using "casino revival" to sell himself to Discovery TV?

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On, Oct. 8, 2010]

As Todd Bentley prepared to launch his series of meetings at a Reno hotel/casino, he posted this on Twitter two days ago:

Had some great Sushi. Wow. Ready to meet and greet some pastors and leaders. Pray for us Discovery studios joining us in Reno.

3:50 PM Oct 6th via Twitterrific
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Todd Bentley

If we remember that Todd is trying to sell a reality show, starring himself, to Discovery TV, it would be interesting to speculate that this is a reference to the Discovery Network sending cameras--or network staffers--to Reno Nevada to film or watch Todd's revival. I think it is.

[UPDATE: I'm guessing right so far. The photo below from here is
off Todd Bentley's plixi feed and was originally captioned "Discovery Studios trailer shoot for potential upcoming reality series." Thanks Bene D for spotting it!]

[caption id="attachment_8956" align="alignnone" width="224" caption="Todd Bentley films promo at casino revival for Discovery TV"][/caption]

If my guess is right and this is a de facto "pilot" for Todd's proposed show, I also wonder this too. Did the Discovery channel boffins--or Todd's agent or consultant for the proposed TV show--hint to Todd that they wanted something exciting or unusual to spice up the pilot? "Naaah, that little country church sounds boring...?"

If my guess--and I hasten to remind that it is only a guess--is correct, that may mean that Todd could be catering to what is good for a TV show, and not what seems good to the Holy Spirit. ("But Todd, that little country church that is unexciting for television needs a revival...")

Hoping I am wrong, though. Fearing, however , that I might be on to something.