Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ray William Johnson "owns" Todd Bentley

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On, October 2,2010]

I have to confess that I sometimes enjoy the humour videos of Ray William Johnson, who has a very popular YouTube series where he makes amusing comments on viral videos and other videos that he finds amusing. I could be called a fan. But I can guarantee that Todd Bentley is not, after Johnson derided Bentley before a YouTube audience of 3 million viewers--and counting--this week.

It's Johnson's video from September 27. I was drinking a Slurpee, when shortly after the 30 second mark, Johnson began to comment on a "pastor" doing a healing. I almost spilled my drink on the keyboard when I saw that he was starting to riff on Todd Bentley in that video that Boing Boing posted recently on their own website.

Johnson, one of the most popular posters on YouTube, has Bentley clearly in his sights, although, for his own reasons, he doesn't mention Bentley--"this pastor guy_"--by name.

"So this next video made me kind of sick..." Johnson introduces the Bentley video.

I need to add a caveat about Johnson. I don't believe that he is a born again Christian and this is sometimes--as in this video--reflected in his adult language and his jokes. Here's the link to his video to be careful.

UPDATE: Perhaps I'll just post it so, with the above caveat in mind, enjoy. The segment on Bentley starts at 0:31.]

[This is a special musical episode for Johnson, so this leads Johnson to turn Bentley's attempt to heal the woman into a really funny dance mix.]

I wouldn't use Johnson's language, but I have to add that he has a sense for how ridiculous and fake Bentley can seem to a non-Christian.

"I honestly wonder if that pastor takes money up front or if he charges it by the BAM," says Johnson.

Johnson's video is at 3.2 million hits as I write. He devotes just over a minute to Bentley.

Here is something that may be significant. As Bentley is preparing to hit the road, it seems that secular video makers are defaulting towards a view of Bentley where he could be continuing to be unsound at what he does. No surprise to BDBO readers, perhaps, But, *if* Bentley is repentant and holy, he has a long way to walk to reach credibility thanks to introductions such as the one Johnson offers in his video.

Secular defaulting to "this is ridiculous" hampers the good and ethical evangelists who may be trying to do the same ministry as well. Thanks, Todd.

I have to admit that I wonder a bit whether Ray William Johnson may have better discernment than some Christians--who are supposed to have the Holy Soirit's help--when assessing Bentley.