Saturday, April 09, 2011

Marci McDonald on tour

[Posted at bene Diction Blogs On, Nov. 20, 2010]

Several months after the release of The Armageddon Factor, Marci McDonald is still talking up the ideas in her book, most recently in B.C..

The B.C. Christian News, if it hasn't already done so, will no doubt put their two online reports on McDonald's visit in the print edition of the newspaper.

In late October and early November, McDonald spoke at the University of Victoria and the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. This leads to somewhat of a point-counterpoint apporch in the online coverage as reporting on the Victoria talk is Steve Weatherbe, a freelance journalist who was a former colleague of mine at B.C. Report (he was our Victoria legislature correspondent). He is somewhat critical.

Less critical is progressive christian academic Ron Dart, who arranged for McDonald's talk at the University of the Fraser Valley. In reporting on her talk there, he is more sympathetic to McDonald's point of view.

The link is above, if this piques your interest.